A peek at what's coming in v1.1

The roadmap for the v1.1 release has been in the planning stages for a month now. I to see a release before the winter semester starts at Rutgers University, but progress will be slow.

Status History

This will add the ability to see a timeline of when a section opens and closes. Currently more than 1000 sections open and closed a day and it can get as high as 10,000 during the add/drop period. Displaying this information will give the user a better idea of the usefulness of Course Trakr.

Additional Quick Subscription Actions

As a UI/UX enhancement, I want to add the ability to subscribe on a long press, or swipe gesture. From my analytics, when a course has many closed courses, users will track every section to cover their bases in a flow similar to this:
Course > Section > Subscribe > Back > Section > Subscribe > Back > Section > Subscribe... and so on.

I'm playing around with idea of option to Subscribe to All. Fitting it into the existing UI and UX naturally is not going to be easy. iOS and Android handle with pattern differently and they're potential problems when subscribing to hundreds of sections at a time.

Remote Config

This will be useful when A/B testing the feature above.